Thursday, 19 September 2013

Test the Skills of the TrackMan Golf System

Can just 20 minutes with Abbey Hotel PGA Professional Rob Davies using TRACKMAN gain you 10 + extra yards? 

Rob Davies is very confident he can do this for most people so he's decided to put on 2 days where you can book a 20 minute Trackman session for just £20.00…. and if you don’t gain at least 10 extra yards within your time - you get the session for FREE!

Who is this for? Suitable regular golfers of all standards, ideally looking at people who want some extra distance with their DRIVER where Rob will examine some of the following Trackman ‘numbers.’

  • Club Head Speed – The speed your club is travelling at impact.
  • Smash Factor – How you convert club head speed to ball speed.
  • Launch Angle – The initial degree of launch at impact.
  • Swing Path – The angle the club head is travelling in relation to the target at impact.
  • Dynamic Loft – The loft of the club face at impact.
  • Angle of Attack – The angle at which your club travels down or up to the ball.
  • Spin RPM – The rate at which your ball spins backwards (there’s no such thing as ‘top spin’ in golf by the way)
  • Spin Axis – the degree at which your ball axis is tilted when struck (there’s no such thing as side spin in golf either!)  
Don’t worry if this all sounds very technical and complicated, Rob won’t need to tell you everything that is happening!!

Using an optimizer chart and demonstration Rob can show you the potential distance available to you at your current club head speed by helping you achieve the correct or better combination of just some of the above impact data. 

Within the 20 minutes you will have a better understanding of exactly what is happening during impact and have 1 or 2 simple set-up/swing thoughts to help you achieve EXTRA DISTANCE!.....Hopefully its at least 10 yards otherwise Rob will not get paid!

So when is this happening…..


There are 20 spaces available in total and bookings are now available by calling the golf shop on 01527 406500 – SO DON’T MISS OUT BOOK NOW!….What have you got to lose!
You can also make a booking request via email

After the two events Rob will report back on the out come of these sessions via the Abbey Hotel Golf Shop Facebook page.

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