Monday, 16 September 2013

Ytsara Spa Treatments - now at the Abbey Spa

Here at The Abbey Hotel Golf & Spa in Redditch, South Birmingham we are excited to introduce a new range of holistic spa treatments with Ytsara. Bringing the essence of Asia to the Abbey Spa.
Relax, rejuvenate, restore...
Ytsara spa treatments are now available to book at the Abbey Hotel Spa. Treat yourself with one of these luxury spa treatment.
As well as Ytsara spa treatments, the Abbey Spa in South Birmingham also offers essential spa treatments, Dermalogica spa treatments, spa treatments for men, reiki and hypnotherapy spa treatments. Plus spa gift vouchers also available - making an extra special gift for that special someone.
Ytsara Spa Treatments 
Ytsara Spa Therapy
Ytsara has the meaning of 'Freedom' in Thai. Ytsara was inspired by Asian healing and therapeutic remedies putting into practice age old holistic rituals. The philosophy of Ytsara is to care about others, a philosophy that has been followed every day in the company since its creation.
Ytsara is the heart of Asian luxury and opulence combining Eastern healing techniques such as; Royal Thai, Chinese Acupressure and Savitri Pranyama breathing for a truly holistic experience. Every Ytsara treatment begins and ends with an Asian ritual to fully capture the essence of Asia.  Ytsara is a 100% organic skin care line it is inspired by an Asian blend of healing and therapeutic remedies offering and old rituals and native Asian holistic healing practices for modern use.
Please see below for Ytsara spa treatment list

Ytsara spa treatments offer a truly unique experience, all starting with a foot ritual and finished with some herbal tea. Please see full Ytsara spa treatment list with prices below:
Ytsara Nuat Naman - £55.00 for 90 mins.
This body massage uses essential body oils that target certain stress areas of your body, you can choose from:
  • Ponklai - this massage embarks your body and mind on a journey of ultimate relaxation and wellness
  • Lodkwan Aun - a contouring massage that helps your body drain away toxins and re-sculptures your figure
  • Borisut - a detoxyfying massage which will leave your body deeply detoxified along with a replenished mind
  • Phem Palany - an energising massage to ease away tension and achy muscles, revitalising your senses
Ytsara Anamai Body Reviver - £60.00 for 90 mins.
A combination of acupressure with some gentle stretching.  Essential oil is applied to release any blockages and to tune your energy flow.  The purpose of this treatment is to improve posture, enhance vitality and reinforce your immune system.
Ytsara Moham Indigo - £65.00 for 90 mins.
Experience the ancient art of healing, this is designed to treat muscular aches & pains.  Indigo the symbol of the buddah of medicine is said to improve muscular tone and drain away toxins. 
Ytsara Lazy Man Yoga - £65.00 for 60 mins. 
This is a unique stretching massage, all while you are lying down.  It will release all stiffness and muscular tension with the aid of a herbal compress.  Finished with an acupressure scalp massage to release any further tensions in the cranial area.
Ytsara Taolay Face Treatment - £60.00 for 60 mins. 
Enjoy the blissful sensation of renewal and of youthful skin with this deep cleansing and purifying facial.  Using regenerative plant extracts to renew your skin followed by the luxurious sensation of warm sesame poultices dipped in warm oil being glided over your face to tone facial muscles.
ytsara spa treatments Ytsara Spa treatments Ytsara Spa Treatments ytsara spa treatments
To make a booking or enquiry about Ytsara Spa Treatments at the Abbey Hotel Golf & Spa, Redditch please call the spa direct on 01527 406525


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